Hello and welcome to Napoleonic Bavaria!


This page is going to give you an overview on the Bavarian military during the Napoleonic Wars.


I've noticed that most stuff that can be found easily on the internet regarding the Bavarian Army during the Napoleonic Wars is either incorrect, missing important facts or too simple to be considered. After all, the information available on the internet is pitiful -  therefore I decided to start writing up information here. I'm going to try including as much available information as possible.... however, the topic is huge and therefore this website is never going to be really finished after all.


Anyways, if you've followed this text till this point you may have noticed that I'm not a native English speaker. I'm from Bavaria (Who would have thought....), therefore mistakes do happen every few sentences. Feel free to contact me in case of you being willing to help me out and improve the language on this site!

Let me point out that I'm not going to link EVERY source I have here. I'm going to link booksources and important pages of historical societies and facilities in Bavaria as well as in the whole world, but I'm not even going to try to give every source here as I simply have too many. Some of my knowledge comes from talking to historicians at the Bavarian Army Museum as well as from personal research in archives etc. 


You can easily navigate through the site by using the major header. Let me also point out that I do not own the rights of the pictures used on this website, therefore I've linked the sources. This website isn't commercial, it's meant to provide information on an extremly interesting historical subject.


But well, enough of talking for now, let's start reading!